While it's later in the year for snakes, it's absolutely perfect training weather. Get your dogs trained before the last wave of snake activity, and while the weather is nice. We're looking forward to hearing from you!   
- Cody 10/27/17


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K9 Rattlesnake Aversion Training
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Is your dog Rattlesnake Ready?

Most domestic dogs have no clue that rattlesnakes are dangerous and willingly approach them – even if they have been bitten before! Rattlesnake aversion training teaches your dog both safely and effectively the dangers of rattlesnakes using positive punishment methods blended with some positive reinforcement. If you reside in a rural area or ever expose your dog to rattlesnake habitat, this is for you. In just one training session of about an hour, your dog will learn to stay completely away from rattlesnakes and to also avoid their sounds and smells. This dramatically reduces their risk of snakebite, and therefore can be lifesaving while preventing an expensive emergency situation. This very realistic training process safely exposes the dog to the REAL smells, REAL sounds, and REAL sight of live, properly muzzled rattlesnakes. Because no form of positive reinforcement training teaches the dogs the true danger of rattlesnakes both quickly and indefinitely, electronic training collars are used to simulate a rattlesnake bite (causing momentary discomfort). This temporary, harmless jolt takes the place of the actual rattlesnake bite and effectively teaches the dog the message we want to communicate; “Rattlesnake=DANGER!”  This in combination with vaccinations is the ultimate preparation for the snake season, regardless of the dog breed or size. Want to know more about the steps involved? Click the button below to find out.
"Rattlesnake-proof your dog".
Rattlesnake Aversion Training teaches your dog in a single lesson to avoid rattlesnakes completely, including their sounds/smells. Consequently, it just might save their life!
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