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“Rattlesnake aversion training teaches dogs to avoid the  sight, scent, and sound of rattlesnakes. Bites to dogs' faces are common as they curiously sniff at a snake: the subsequent swelling compromises their airways and can be fatal. Rattlesnake aversion training teaches dogs to fear and avoid the sound, scent, and sight of rattlesnakes. Cody Will of Cottonwood offers private on-site training using muzzled rattlers and conservative e-collar use.
It is very common in the industry to hold one-day rattlesnake clinics, treating dozens of dogs at one location. This is very convenient for the snake-handler but rather traumatic for the dogs. The dogs are usually parted from the owner, fitted with an e-collar, and given 3-10 high-level shocks in 15 minutes or less as they are led past caged or muzzled snakes.
In contrast, Cody Will does NOT take the dog out of sight of the owner or handle the leash during this training. Because Will does home visits, spacing the training out over hours rather than minutes, and uses a much milder level of aversives compared to other trainers, the experience-- while still negative-- is less traumatic. Dogs are able to associate the shocks with the snakes alone, rather than the experience of being parted from their owner or exploring strange places.
It was tough on my dog, no doubt about it. She has environmental sensitivities and her day is easily ruined. That is one reason why I liked the idea of a trainer who would come to MY house, reducing the anxiety factor that much more. I was really surprised that Cody set the collar at a level that barely even got a twitch from my dog and took about two hours to go through the whole program. He was very obliging about letting ME decide when MY dog was ready for another go around, and at what distance. I left the snake handling to him and he left the dog handling to me.
My dog is easily spooked so it was obvious to me-- and, refreshingly, to the snake-handler-- that she really only needed a hint that the snake was No Good to develop a serious phobia. After the first 2 or 3 encounters, the dog actively avoided the snake so got no more shocks, just praise for taking a wide road around it. We played frisbee and strolled around a lot in between sessions to decompress, took an AC break inside, ate cookies, etc. If your dog responds to milder aversives than the e-collar, like scaring the dog with a yell and running away, discuss with Cody starting out at that level.”

Holly C. - Shasta, CA

President of Shastadogs

“The season before I brought my puppy home I had encountered 4 Rattlers in my immediate space in my yard. This was troublesome as there hadn’t been any sightings the previous years. This was a deep concern for me knowing that there was a chance that Curry might come in contact with on of these snakes. My vet had recommended that I get her the Crotalus Vaccination, which I did. That brought a measure protection  that I felt was necessary.  Shortly there after I had met Cody and was very interested in his training techniques. I arranged to have Cody come over and give Curry a training session. I was immediately impressed with Cody’s knowledge of snakes and dog behavior. He explained how he was to perform this training in a precise manner. His first concern was for the safety of his beautiful snakes. Because this is taught in a open environment his snakes can be open to unwanted contact by the dogs. Cody brought with him 2 live and muzzled rattlesnakes, shed skins and an audible device depicting the sound of a Rattlesnake. The way in which he used these aides individually and as part of the big picture was impressive. After her first encounter with a full size Rattler Curry knew right away what she needed to stay away from, her reaction was one of surprise and trepidation. Cody continued to work with her, using the juvenile rattler, scented shed skins and audible devices. When Cody had finished with his training, I had the confidence that Curry would not be Rattlesnake hunting or any snake for that matter. As a dog owner I feel as if I have done all that I can do to protect my dog in snake country. Curry has proven to me that she has learned her lessons well.

A couple of weeks after the training we were going to the car to go for a walk. Noticing that Curry was not with me, I heard her “alert” barking at the end of the garage. I  rushed to see what the matter was and she was standing 6 feet away from the garage barking at something behind some stacked pipes against the wall. I peered to see what had her concerned. To my surprise there was a snake, in fact two snakes. A King Snake was enjoying a no doubt hard earned meal of Rattlesnake. Wow, you never see that kind of stuff. I would not have seen it either had Curry not alerted to it. This is all I needed to feel confident that Curry would make the right decision when encountering these critters and stay away. She has proven on multiple occasions that this is a highly effective form of training.”

Scott S. - Bella Vista, CA

 ​​​​“Over the last few years we have been inundated with Rattlesnakes. Our dogs have been bitten twice and they have saved me 3 times from being bitten. My son is deaf so the sound of a Rattlesnake is of no warning to him. 
After killing the 24th Rattler we called Cody Will to come and evaluate our property. After a very thorough evaluation and safety check of our acreage, Cody located the problem area and went to look for rattlers. In no time he came back with a very angry 3.5 foot rattlesnake, which he safely removed. 
Cody is very knowledgeable, extremely cautious, with safety being the foremost factor in his business. He is truly a  professional. We highly recommend Cody Will!
We have followed his suggestions on cleaning up areas of concern, and are looking forward to have Cody train our dogs this summer for snake aversion. It will not only benefit the dogs but my son as well, so he can visually see the dogs behavior if they spot a snake.”
​“[I] Hosted a Rattlesnake Aversion Training Clinic with 11 [dogs] from our off leash group. The trainer Cody Will was wonderful with his knowledge, professionalism and interaction with both the dogs and his snakes. I have already had two from the group "alert" to a snake in the brush and they promptly got the heck out of there! Whether you take your dog off leash or even have occasional rattlers enter your yard, this training is invaluable! I highly recommend Cody and his services. Have used another company in the past and there was simply no comparison. Thank you Cody!”

Lisa H. - Walnut Creek, CA

All Paws Dog Walking, owner/operator

Virginia T. - Anderson, CA

 ​“Cody came to our house to train all seven of our dogs: three Chiwa mixes, one pit cross, and my husband's two hunting dogs, Brittany Spaniels. This gave us so much confidence our dogs would be better protected on our property. We moved into a repo house that sat abandoned for over a year. The first year we had 16 rattlesnakes! 2nd year 5, 3rd year 3. He walked the property and pointed out potential snake dens for us. We have had Cody out for refresher classes for all the dogs. It was amazing. They all remembered, only the pit cross had to be corrected for getting a little too close.

I was worried about the smaller dogs, very high strung and shy. Cody's gift for reading dogs and his timing on correction took all my worries away. His course covered the smell, sound, and sight of rattlesnakes. It was better protection for our dogs than the snake vaccines we also purchased.

Our dogs all have the "snake body language" now. It has helped protect us also when in the field hunting and at home. While walking in the back pasture one day, I saw our Brittany leap backwards and freeze on point and give his snake bark. Sure enough there was a snake.

I highly recommend his training if you have rattlesnakes. It is cheaper than vet bills and helps protect you or your kids around the house. Cody has a gift with dogs, he read and adjusted his training techniques for my shy timid house dogs, our aggressive guard dog, to our hyper Brittany Spaniels."​

Phil & Lori I. - Cottonwood, CA

“Hi Cody,

Thought you might like to hear a success story.  
One evening in June we were in the back yard near the driveway with our son and his wife. Diez was on the other side of the yard barking, as she usually does.  But all of a sudden I noticed that her bark sounded different so I walked over to investigate.  There about 4 or 5 feet in front of her was a rattlesnake.  It didn't make any noise, but was definitely coiled.  I took her inside and my husband [dispatched it].  The snake had 9 buttons and was 3 1/2 feet long.  It was also a greenish color instead of brown.  

I'm so thankful you offered the follow-up lesson because I believe she would have been bitten.”

Dick H. - Cool, CA

Linda B. - Redding, CA

Bruce M. - Esparto, CA

"If you're looking for snake training that really works, go to Rattlesnake Ready LLC. None of that dogs sniffing cages with snakes in it. This 4 step training process was amazing! Had both our Rhodesian Ridgebacks trained with Cody and Kate and it was above our expectations. Our pups sure know to stay away from snakes now."

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Kolton & Nicole M. - Cave Creek, AZ

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