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 Meet the trainer!

Cody Will Kate Will Rattlesnake Ready LLC
My name is Cody Will. I grew up in a small town in rural northern California. As a kid, I was raised around dogs (Boxers) and other pets, and quickly developed interest in just about all living things. In high school I was offered my first job at ​​​​ The Aquarium & Pets , a pet store in Red Bluff California. Naturally with a job like that, I occasionally came home with new animals and developed all sorts of knowledge working with animals and the public. I primarily had a fascination with reptiles, especially since most people were not fond of them. Additionally, my parent's owned a piece of property where many rattlesnakes and other critters lurked, too. While admiring wild rattlesnakes on the property and having worked at the store through high school and into junior college, one day in 2012 a customer came in and asked me "Do you know anybody who does rattlesnake aversion training for dogs?" I hadn't, there was nobody around offering it, and that is where it all began for Rattlesnake Ready.

​Now, some years later and a snake collection later, my wife Kate has taken over the scheduling and administrative aspects of the growing business. This has allowed me to focus solely on training dogs and properly caring for the snakes. We have relocated the business to Phoenix, Arizona (though we still make occasional trips to California) and are currently training dogs full-time, year round. Though I do have knowledge in obedience training and other areas of dog training, my business is focused entirely on avoidance training for rattlesnakes (and toads since 2019). I am proud to say that in those years I have trained well over 4,000 dogs in rattlesnake aversion with great success.

I am probably one of very few individuals in this line of work who is knowledgeable in both reptiles and canines equally. I've worked with many different breeds of dogs, both big and small, young and old - with exceptional success, and that number is increasing every day. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy talking with people too. If you have any questions or would like to know more about me, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cody with two labs
Cody S. Will,
Owner & Operator; Rattlesnake Ready, LLC
Pet 1st Aid/CPR Certified
B.S. Environmental Sciences @ University of

California, Davis
​AHA Member

Special Licenses:
AZG&F Res. Hunt/Fish License (current)
AZG&F Wildlife Holding License (#SP643633)
AZG&F Wildlife Service License (#SP650772 - reptiles)

 Meet the snakes, too!

As you can see, this type of business requires the use of live rattlesnakes. Each snake is treated as a valuable employee for their contribution of helping out so many dogs (after all, we don't want them to go on "strike", right?!) To be honest, this business actually began as a result of a love for snakes.

The snakes used in Rattlesnake Ready's training program are completely in tact (no surgical alterations). They are not ever milked or "de-fanged" either. For training appointments, they are muzzled using a specific surgical tape designed for skin that removes harmlessly like a band-aid. We have a large collection of several species and are licensed by the state of Arizona Game & Fish Dept to own each and every one of them (including the snakes from California, license #SP643633). Each specimen has its own story. Most were removed from properties or busy road sides where they would have otherwise been killed. Several were also born in captivity. The ones we use the most are very accustomed to the stresses of the training. You might even say that they are "trained" animals themselves. 

We keep multiple specimens of each species of the most commonly encountered snakes in both Arizona and California to provide accurate training for your region. The reason we keep multiple of each is so that we can rotate snakes to ligthen their work load during our busiest seasons. This cycle allows the snakes to receive adequate rest between trainings.

All of the snakes are housed in spacious, safe enclosures that offer them the proper lighting, temperatures, water access, and cover that they require to thrive. Having a special permit for some of the specimens allows G&F officials to inspect the premise at any time to make sure that they are receiving proper care. They also receive regular veterinary examinations by Dr. Jay Johnson of Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital . Additional veterinary oversight is provided by Dr. Freeland Dunker of the California Academy of Sciences, too.
western diamondback rattlesnake joshua coe
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Crotalus oreganus oreganus Diabla
In Phoenix, Arizona, the most commonly encountered species is the Western Diamondback (Crotalus atrox). ​ Photo by Joshua Coe​.
In northern California, the predominant species across the region is the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus oreganus).​​ Photo by Eric Leslie.

 ...and the toads!

Just like we need rattlesnakes for rattlesnake training, we have Sonoran desert toads for toad training! The Sonoran desert toad (Incilius alvarius - formerly Bufo alvarius) is also known as the Colorado river toad. Despite the poison glands on their shoulder region that makes them a threat to nosy, playful pets, the toads are otherwise harmless. We keep a small number of these toads in our collection to be used for toad avoidance training. Just like our rattlesnakes, the toads are treated very well in return for their work of helping train dogs to avoid their wild relatives.  Click here to learn more about the Sonoran desert toad.
sonoran desert toad incilius alvarius
The Sonoran Desert Toad (I. alvarius)
Photo by Cody Will